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An X ray is a form of electromagnetic energy that cannot be seen. The X rays can penetrate many substances to varying degrees. IBRAHIM ABDEL-JAWAD, D.C. will focus the X rays at a specific location to identify problem areas. The difference in penetration can be exposed on a photographic plate. Thicker areas, such as bone, prevent the X rays from penetrating through to the photographic plate -- this enable Dr. ABDEL-JAWAD to see subtle difference in alignment of your bones.
IBRAHIM ABDEL-JAWAD, D.C. uses X ray tests in Michigan to help diagnose deformities and malposition of the bones. X ray examinations are particularly good at helping Doctor IBRAHIM ABDEL-JAWAD identify malposition of the vertebra of the spine.
X rays are not useful for visualizing the details of soft tissue. IBRAHIM ABDEL-JAWAD, D.C. will recommend other imaging technologies, such magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), or ultrasound to evaluate the ligaments, muscles and organs.
IBRAHIM ABDEL-JAWAD, D.C. takes care to limit the total number of X ray examinations you receive in Michigan, as too much radiation from X rays can be bad for you.

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