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iCheckup® is an information exchange partner that provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) foundation for industry-specific granular data acquisition, verification, analysis, and display.

iCheckup® specializes in professional service industries, including health care, veterinary, accounting, and judicial markets. Cross platform tools make it easy to collect “golden nuggets” of verified, granular data. Once collected, actionable data is visualized for trending and analysis.

Health care consumers, providers, vendors, payors and insurers are each sitting on mountains of siloed data that become truly useful when liberated and merged. Collection of data from enterprise-based services typically excludes direct consumer input or provider-level analysis, points at which tremendous friction tend to occur.

iCheckup® services are focused on data quality and specifically designed to help collect validated consumer sentiment data and expose the results to both health care providers and health care consumers. A unique feature is the ability to discover and report on complex data in a consumer-centric fashion. Additional mashup of verified datasets enable marketplace research, risk mitigation, and predictive behavior analysis.


MASHUPS - Data aggregation of public data,participating partners,consumer input,and public databases.

TRUST CHAINS - Data integrity is established through trusted partners, authentication layers,two-party verification,and manual review. Information available for output via API’s and display widgets are certified as having traversed the Trust Chains.

API's - Both private and public API’s facilitate collection of in-bound structured data and display of out-bound raw and pre-formed data.

ANALYTICS - Dashboard access to common trending data.The system automates discovery and reporting at both the user and enterprise level.Examples include:

-Data mining to find new patterns and relationships

-Quantitative analysis to explain specific outcomes

-A/B testing and multivariate testing to test decisions

-Predictive analytics to forecasting future results

-Tactical decision making in response to dynamic events