I am so grateful to have a primary care physician like Dr. Ufondu. Sine becoming his patient in 2012 a great number of moderate to severe medical conditions has been resolved and caught just in the nick of time. First of all, I was grossly overweight, extremely debilitated, in extremity of pain, and hanging by the string of my prayers. The reason for all of the list was a very long list of conditions. 1. Morbid obesity 2. Severe sleep apnea 3. Extreme rheumatoid arthritis 4. Degenerative bone decay on both knees due to childhood injuries, age and weight 5. Vertigo 6. Type 2 diabetics 7. Chronic gastro esophageal reflux disease 8. Acute hip pain and damage to right hip 9. High cholesterol 10. Severe weight related rashes 11. Thyroid nodules So, he patiently and empathetically listened, considered and began treating my plethora of issues. He sent me home with some hope, plans, referrals and some necessary prescriptions to get me started. FINALLY SOMEONE REALLY LISTENED! 1.Immediately the orthopedic medication gave much needed relief. I was able to walk again with the assistance of a walker. Prior to that I needed an electric scooter or wheelchair just to get around my home. 2. He prescribe a mild stomach acid reliever that was safe and effective that helped alleviate a lot of the vomiting of stomach acid that occurred every single day and in the middle of the night. 3. He referred me to pain management specialists who took immediate care of all that could be done for the arthritis. 4. He referred me to a bariatric surgeon and asked if I would please at least consider what this surgeon had to say. Two years later & 200 pounds later I feel fantastic. 5. He sent me to an Endocrinologist who helped me get my diabetics under control and get me started on the weight loss prior to the surgery. 6. He had me follow up with him after every test, blood work and specialist to ensure that all was well and moving in the right direction. 7. He referred me to a surgeon for my hip and knees. I now run with a new hip just eight months ago and I feel like I am 16 years old again. My kids are grateful. 8. THIS IS THE BIGGIE, I just recently felt bothered by that thyroid issue and just felt like I had something that hit me on the neck causing my throat to feel a bit pinched. He thoroughly examined me, sent me for a stat fasting blood work and referral to the Endocrinologist again and made sure I called me the minute the results came in. He was right to jump on it all. Right now I have six appointments all in line to fix whatever this issue is with my thyroid. Even the Oncologist said that I am fortunate to have everything dealt with now and that it is surprising that I am not sick even now. It is definitely because for the last three years Dr. Ufondu has proactive on my behalf ensuring and encouraging that I manage my health as part of the team of providers in my community. He inspired me to care enough to try to take bold steps out of my fear and comfort zones so that I don't remain in the terrible condition I came to him in. I am so thankful to God that I selected Dr. Ufondu as my primary care physician and so are all eight members of my immediate family. I can't even wait to visit my mom in Florida who I haven't seen in years because she was fighting breast a anger and I didn't want her to see me as sick and debilitated as I was. She won't recognize me, no one here in the region does. I am a new person. I have my health back and I have my life back. My doctor was on my side. I really love my Doctor. You can call his office staff today, take charge of your health by working with the right doctor and keep your hope and faith alive too. God bless Dr. Ufondu and God bless you.
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We moved to East Stroudsburg in early 2009. We were fortunate to meet with a medical practitioner in the neighborhood who recommended Dr Ufondu as a great family physician. Based on the recommendation, my entire family of five have ever since been patients of his and have not looked back. Two of my kids started the pediatric services in the same facility before graduating to adult care. The Pocono Pediatric and Adult Care has offered my family a first class medical service and advice. The highly trained and professional staff treat patients with love and care. As Christians, we enjoy the carefully selected Christian songs in the background which are not just inspirational but give us hope for the Savior's touch of healing. My kids are grown and working or studying outside PA but would always run home to see Dr Ufondu if they have medical issues. The facility which is already very close to the Pocono Medical Centre also provides access to a network of wonderful specialists in the neighborhood. In addition, Dr Ufondu's deep knowledge about tropical diseases and preventive measures give me a great deal of confidence and comfort during my frequent travels to Africa on business. As for me and my family, we couldn't ask for more. We only have one concern and hope they will work hard to cut down on the waiting time in the facility. We thank God for the Ufondus and their wonderful staff for the great job they are doing. God bless.
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At my age, going to the Doctor is very important. But going to Ufondu is always a major plus because of his easy going manner which makes every patient confident that you are in a very safe place. A visit is always comforting because he is always thorough in his investigations of my health situations, he diligently follows-up, and makes sound recommendations in selecting specialists when necessary. Because he is totally trustworthy in matters of such importance, he quickly is seen as a friend. If you haven't been to a Doctor recently or regularly for whatever reason, a check up is a sound idea. I sincerely and highly recommend Dr. Ufondu.
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I have been a patient been of Dr Ufondu's for the past ten years, and I have had many health issues, the major one being diabetes. I have had many complications revolving around this disease that had me bedridden for months and hospitalized several times. With the help of Dr Ufondu and his associated, referrals and educational information, I am doing so much better. I like how they listened to me and help me through all the things that concern me and never push their way onto me. That to me, being a sick person, really meant a lot and kept me from giving up. My entire family also have been patients here from pediatrics to now adulthood, with various issues from thyroid (Graves disease) to broken bones, flu, viral infections and just regular check ups and they have all been taken well care of. This office and it's staff have been a blessing to our family as they practice GOOD medicine. Keeping us informed every step of the way as they helped us get better. If you are looking for an awesome family doctor, look no further...You have found one.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 10/28/2015

Drs Ufondu have been always wonderful to my family. They've taken great care of our children. With my travels I've been hit with several health problems along the way. Dr. Ufondu always seems to get me back on track. His approach to care is always to try to get ahead of the problem with tests and specialists. He continues to be a significant reason she for my good health.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 10/27/2015

I always have a great appointment when I come to Dr.Ufondu. He is an excellent care provider!
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 10/26/2015

A professional clinic,I feel very comfortable and at ease here.They always very inquisitive and thorough.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 10/19/2015

Dr Ufondu is caring he listen to you if you have a problem he there with a answer for your ailment one thing I really like its if you don't have a appointment he will still be seen by him .the office is very clean the staff is very helpful and friendly. I
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/30/2015

I hadn't been to a regular doctor in what felt like a decade. Then I lost my dad to a heart attack and felt it was beyond time to get a check up. After my first check up in years, Dr. Ufondu remembered me, and said that I was quite healthy. But he suggested I get some blood work done. My cholesterol came back over 400!?! I was immediately called in, after my results came in, of course I was shocked. The bright side of this possibly tragic story is that with Dr. Ufondu's aid & advice I have since dropped my cholesterol down to a whopping 182! Now only two points higher than 6 months ago.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/30/2015

Dr. Ufondu has been my doctor for years. The way the staffs attends to me every time i come for my appointment amazes me, I must say the doctors and the entire staffs are doing a great job. I recommend everyone to check them out.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/25/2015

I was looking for a new doctor when my neighbor suggested I go see her doctor. Dr. Ufondu. I have been going to see Dr. Ufondu for about seven years now. I appreciate the fact that when you go see him and there's something wrong with you that he's not an expert in he will definitely send you to a specialist. I find he's very considerate and he follows through completely. He even showed up at the hospital when I had my spinal surgery!!!!
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Dr. Solibe has been our family doctor for the last 6 years and I must say that we are extremely happy with him. He is a very warm, attentive and caring physician. Dr. Solibe would take his time to listen to my elderly parents to find out the reason for their visit. He is very cultural sensitive and understands that the elderly patients may not articulate their needs as fast as young people so he exhibits patience and kindness when examining or consulting with them. As for me, being a 48 year old female, I needed a doctor that is not only vast in medicine but also knowledgeable in the different alternatives and can then advice me properly. There is no doubt that his knowledge of medicine trumps most family doctors and he will always give the best advice on the best course of treatment. Dr. Solibe is warm, sensitive, caring, patient , sociable yet extremely professional. My children also enjoy coming to the clinic especially now that they have transitioned from the pediatric section to the adult section. I must also say that Dr. Uchenna treated my children with the utmost care and patience at the time that they were under her care. She is also very professional and patient . I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for the best in health care as well as the best family friendly practice in Pennsylvania.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/23/2015

I have been going to the Pocono Adult and Pediatrics for approximately 7 years with my entire family. I must say that it was the best choice we made. Mind you, we moved to PA from NY and had tried several practices before we found the practice of Drs Solibe and Uchenna Ufondu. I must say that it felt like being home. Dr Uchenna is warm, friendly, professional and totally exhibits care. Needless to say, my children were very comfortable with her and now that 3 of them have transitioned from pediatrics to the adult section, the same type of warmth and caring has followed them in the hands of Dr. Solibe. As for me, I would
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Overall, very good experience. The wait is a little long but Dr. Ufondu provides excellent and detailed visits.
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Dr. Solibe Ufondu has been my doctor for the past nine years, and I have never met a more efficient, and caring physician . Dr.Ufondu listens to my medical concerns, and always has a plan of action to address my medical needs . Dr.Ufondu explains critical information, and is very compassionate in his approach to the medical care he provides.
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I have been a patient of Dr Ufondo for over 15 years . He is always ready to see me n take care of all my medical needs . I have servere asthma and chronic bronchitis. Dr Ufondu administers all my medications and sends me for tests when I need them.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/22/2015

The times of doctor's visit was very good and very well handled. Having had Dr Ufondu for over twenty years, I have been very satisfied with the healthcare that I received. The office atmosphere is very pleasant and I am very happy with the medical care that I receive when I go for office visits.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/22/2015

i have been a patient of Solibe Ufondu for about ten years and his wife Uchenna Ufondu has been my children's pediatrician for years. I am highly satisfied with courteous service. The practice is responsive to needs of my family in prompt professional manner. I would highly recommend this practice as we are treated like family. They are both excellent physicians.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/22/2015

doctor is awesome and caring.
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i love Dr. Ufondu, he has been taking care of my health since 2005 and since the very first day i stepped into his office i was teated like family. he is very professional, caring and friendly, i have no words to describe how grateful i am for keeping me healthy for all these years.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/21/2015

my experience with dr.ofundu is been great, he is patient and very knowledgable. My wife also comes here to his office and brought me here, he is the best doctor I have seen.. The staff is kind and courteous and helpful. I have to say he has helped me a lot with my medical problems, . I would recommend anyone to come to his office for treatment.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/21/2015

The customer service is amazing. The physician makes you feel comfortable and each check up makes you feel like you are getting the help you want. They are very high tech when it comes to receiving test results such as through email and apps. For the most part like coming here for my physicals and haven't had any problems.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/18/2015

Dr. Solibe is a very thorough dr who makes sure that his patients remain in great health. He is very knowledgeable of what is the necessary treatments that are needed for his patients. He makes sure that his patients are aware of any medical issues that they may have as well as prescribing the needed medications or referring his patient to the specialist that specializes in the field. I have been a patient of his for many years and have no intentions to ever change my primary physician. He makes sure that his patients understand any medical issues they may have and he treats his patients always with dignity and respect. I personally recommend my friends and family to become a part of his practice because they would definitely get the proper treatment they need for any medical issues they may have. I can recall a family member who was diagnosed with hodgekin lymphoma and Dr. Ufondu was the dr who found that she had this and he immediately referred her to a hematologist that worked very hard to treat her and now she is in remission. She stated that, "Dr. Ufondu is the best and he is well at what he does and he acted quickly which he saved my life." I personally love the fact that when I'm not feeling well and make a visit to his office he is always kind, respectful, and knows his profession well. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a primary dr because he knows his profession well.
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/18/2015

Dr.Solibe Ufondu and his staff are excellent . I had an overall great experience . I recommended my friends and family to come to him . He helped me with keeping my job updated with my health status . & knows exactly what he is doing . Such a great atmosphere when you come into his office . Come and you won't be disappointed
Verified TrueReview® for SOLIBE UFONDU on 9/18/2015

Excellent reception and attention to patients. The doctors and nurses take personal interest in knowing their patients history so as to provide and serve them better. The waiting period is less than the time I have actually spent at any Hospital ER. I will always chose this clinic at any day and time before any other. Keep up with the excellent job your are doing. Your services are very highly regarded and valued within the entire community.
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i had a very good experience with my doctor. We went over all of my concerns and he was very patient and understanding with me. We talked about my tested and he recommended other test for me to take and the he also referred me to another doctor so we can look further into my situation. I am very satisfied with my experience today, because the doctor takes his time and listens to me, also explaining his part as a doctor.
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Dr. Solibe Ufondu is an excellent Doctor. He is very caring and has excellent bedside manners. I like coming here and I like the care I get here.
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People here are very friendly and take care of me on every occasion since I moved to Pennsylvania it has been hard to find good caring people at the doctors office I have changed doctors. Several times and I finally found a place that is a place I feel welcomed and comfortable and will keep coming back to. I will definitely tell everyone who is looking for a doctor to come here.
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