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An X ray is a form of electromagnetic energy that cannot be seen. The X rays can penetrate many substances to varying degrees. Doctor NICOLAI AFANASENKO will focus the X rays at a specific location to identify problem areas. The difference in penetration can be exposed on a photographic plate. Thicker areas, such as bone, prevent the X rays from penetrating through to the photographic plate -- this enable Dr. AFANASENKO to see subtle difference in alignment of your bones.
Dr. NICOLAI AFANASENKO uses X ray tests in Massachusetts to help diagnose deformities and malposition of the bones. X ray examinations are particularly good at helping NICOLAI AFANASENKO, D.C. identify malposition of the vertebra of the spine.
X rays are not useful for visualizing the details of soft tissue. Dr. NICOLAI AFANASENKO will recommend other imaging technologies, such magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), or ultrasound to evaluate the ligaments, muscles and organs.
Dr. NICOLAI AFANASENKO takes care to limit the total number of X ray examinations you receive in Massachusetts, as too much radiation from X rays can be bad for you.

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