They are doing a great job. They show care, happiness, and more to each patient.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 7/15/2015

Everyone was really kind and made me feel welcome. I will never have anything bad to say about the doctor and this team!
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 6/9/2015

Had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Calman. I'm very happy with the results . It was very quick and wonderful! Dr Calman is a miracle worker. Nice to see well for a change. The staff were very professional and very helpful. Great job! I recommend Dr.Calman for your cataract surgery.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 5/14/2015

Everything was solid and everyone was very nice ...wasn't sure why I was waiting for a while in the waiting room though, seemed like the doctor was ready. Felt confident in doctors judgement and like I was in good hands. Would recommend.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 5/13/2015

Victor Delcarlo
Dr.Calman is very detail. Throughout the year I have not had any problems with him. He makes it so easy and calm. The facilty is great . It has agreat location. The staff is very knowledgeable, and they seems to know what they're doing with specific needs. Hopefully with the cataract surgery my visions can improve. Thank you Dr.Calman!
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 3/18/2015

Cody Updegrave
Great and fast results. Good to finally have peace of mind about what was wrong! Will come back again if needed. Everyone is friendly and professional. Dr Calman is very good and precise about explaining everything. I leave with a smile on my face.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 3/6/2015

Bonnie Lim
From my first visit until post op for my cataract left eye surgery my experience is great service.not only dr Calman and from his staff members. Staff are very warmth, caring, passionate and full of smiles.Two weeks ago, I had dense cataract I could not help my son with his math homework but after I had the surgery done . I can finally see.my son was so pleased that I could see his math assignments to easily to help him with his homework. He wanted me to thank dr Calman for helping Iam so pleased to know that I can get an appointment fast. Thank you Dr. Calman.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 1/29/2015

Jennie Mora
He explain everything clearly . I wasn't so nervous about the procedure. I knew what to expect. He explained everything about the machine and what it does before hand. it ended up pretty good . The outcome of my procedure was excellent.I would definitely recommend Dr.Calman to other clients. I would definitely come back here to continue my care.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 1/28/2015

Curtis O.
Very good, explanations were great, gave options for treatment, I didn't feel any pain at all.staff is great, very friendly. felt taken care of very well. Was in and out in one hour and fifteen minutes. Parking is accessible. I recommend Dr. Calman for your eye care needs. Thank you
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 1/27/2015

Scott Taga
Staff and doctors are very courteous and friendly. Some of the equipment for the vision check is crowded. Appointments are easy to schedule. The facility is great and a one stop shop optical. I would recommend Dr.calman for all your Eyecare needs. I will definitely come back whenever I need my eye exam.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 12/23/2014

Lori Lovejoy
My contact with Dr. Kalman himself was brief -- but the staff were polite, pleasant,knowledgeable with my insurance,and efficient, and the tech and O.D. who examined me were thorough and helpful. I was extremely grateful to find a nearby, in-network provider where I could be seen on short notice following a minor eye injury. Thank you!
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 12/22/2014

John Taylor
Always the best care! The staff are friendly and patient. Not fun to go to the doctor but they make it very comfortable. I've been going to PEC for 10 years and the doctors knowledge of diabetic eye care is the best in the city.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 11/14/2014

Good: - kind, helpful staff - both doctors extremely patient an thorough - I feel like I'm in good hands and will come back Could improve: - long wait times (hour and thirty between entering office and leaving) - some nurses seemed a little out of it - not very coordinated with zocdoc
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 11/14/2014

Meghan Corcoran
Beyond impressed. Dr Calman is a good doctor. The service was fast and easy. Staff is pleasant and nice.I would recommend this place to everyone who needs eye care. I would definitely come back here.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 11/14/2014

Alexsandr Elin
Everything is excellent. Dr Calman is very knowledgeable. The staff is very personable , very friendly, and helpful. The facility is great. The place is easy to find. I personally recommend Dr. Calman.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 10/9/2014

Eva Nicholson
My visits to eye care have been easier than expected. Seeing doctors is not a regular thing for me. Thank you for putting me at ease. The staff has been very kind to me . I'm very lucky to experience such an amazing care.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 9/16/2014

Danilo Fabia
I came in this office with problems in my eyesight. The front staff's were all very helpful and helped me with all the paper works and schedules. I can say that all the staff are very knowledgeable and proficient and were all very professionals without losing the human touch of caring and listening with empathy, that makes the patients settle in comfortably hereby lessening the apprehension associated with a doctors visit. As for Dr. Calman, he operated me on both eyes / cataracts. A. Rey very professional and very knowledgeable in this field of medicine, following up with associated care for my eye problems. I give this office and the staffs and the doctors 10 Stars.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 9/16/2014

Alfonso Caranguian
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to Dr. Calman for the job well done to me, during the process of surgery to my eyes. Job well done.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 9/11/2014

James Salinas
As I entered and got into line Lupe immediately noticed me and greeted me. Even though she was attending to another patient she was still courteous and respectful enough to ask me to take a seat in the waiting room. I was truly appreciative that I did not have to stand in line. Today the wait was relatively short before I was escorted into room A or 1 and shortly after that Doctor Calman came in and performed the procedure which was also relatively painless. I truly appreciate the professionalism from all the team members. I am thankful I was referred to Doctor Calmans and the lollipops don't hurt either. Thank you everyone!!
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/22/2014

Perfecto Bonilla
Like the staff.. Friendly and accommodating esp. Angie. Dr. Calman is very nice.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/21/2014

The staff, the doctors, and the professionalism are excellent. I continually find everyone to be personable, efficient, and informative. Sometimes my wait time is lengthy, but I feel my vision is being well cared for.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/19/2014

I was recommended to Dr Calman for evaluation of my cataracts. His office is conveniently located, easy to find and very pleasant, as are all the people I dealt with there. My first visit to the office involved extensive testing to determine whether or not my condition required corrective surgery. Dr. Chow who guided me through these tests was personable, informative and efficient. After reviewing my test results, Dr Calman, who is very professional yet personable, told me that the cataract in my right eye needed surgical treatment. He explained my situation and the next steps and answered all my questions clearly and reassuringly. The only glitch was that the office and the surgery center were not on the same page as to the time I was expected to check in, so my arrival was later than the center expected. I had that surgery, yesterday, at the Campus Medical Center in Daly City. It is a large, pleasant and efficient operation. The nurses and other staff are all competent and work hard to ensure the comfort and confidence of their patients. Everyone who worked with me double checked my name, procedure and double checked to make sure we all had the same information about which eye. The surgery itself went smoothly. It was quick and painless even though I was conscious for the whole thing. They sent me home with clear post surgical care instructions. I returned to Dr Calman's office today for a post operative check up. The tests and his examination showed I was doing well and already showed improved vision. I will continue with the drops and see him again in a week. Overall, it has l been a very positive experience.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/14/2014

Brett Almirol
I was called to the room from the waiting room only two minutes after the appointment was scheduled for. Doctor is very pleasant. He checked at the desk to make sure the treatment is covered by my insurance before he proceeds, that way I won't get stuck with a giant bill. At the end of the treatment he take extra time to rinse the iodine out of my eye. All of these extras make the visit much better, especially considering I am getting a needle to the eye
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/14/2014

Stephen Blumenthal
This was one of a couple dozen visits over the past year, for treatment of iritis. While I've been disappointed that the iritis has reoccurred twice now, I doubt that any doctor could have done better. At Premier Eye Care, the staff is professional and courteous. All four doctors that I have seen are a pleasure to talk with and seem most knowledgable and experienced. At times, I've had to wait 15-30 minutes, and once nearly an hour when one of the doctors was out sick, but generally the wait time is short. Getting an appointment at the time I want has been easy. I would recommend Premier Eye Care without reservation to a friend or family member.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/7/2014

Nichols Anderson
In my experiences every visit has been pleasurable for me due to the unusual courtesy I have received from everyone in this clinic. In fact I Usually arrive early to relax in the clinic due to the tranquil environment and the pleasant greetings I have invariably found here for several years now. Also, the diagnosis and accompanying recommendations have improved my lifestyle in ways to enhance the rest of my life, I am very sure.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/6/2014

Amilcar Barrientos
Service was fast and very professional. Doctors and front desk personnel where polite and courteous.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 8/5/2014

Patrick Murphy
I was referred to Dr. Andrew F. Calman, MD, PhD, by Dr. Kathleen Kennedy on Castro Street for cataract surgery evaluation. Dr. Calman's staff were efficient, friendly and calming. On the day of the scheduled surgery, an insurance-covered cab took me to the hospital, where staff, nurses and the surgical staff were just as efficient and soothing. The operation took 20 minutes with me wide awake and no sense of pain or discomfort. The cab took me home with perfect vision.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 7/31/2014

Brett Almirante
Dr calman is very knowledgeable. He explains very detail on the visit. I'm very confident in what he does.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 7/31/2014

Frank Vara
Dr. Calman has been my eye doctor for 16 years. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have my vision at all. I highly recommend him for all your vision problems. I have Diabetes-Related vision problems that he has corrected. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to read, write, or drive. He's the best.
Verified TrueReview® for Dr.Andrew Calman on 7/30/2014

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