As usual - very supportive and efficient. A wonderful, caring, and smart doctor. I like how if she doesn't know, she sends you where she can find out!

  Lauren is always very friendly and very nice. My visits are always good. I never wait very long, and Dr Gowda is always very nice and interested with my health and well being. I feel very fortunate to have her as my Doctor PC. The new intern Catherine was very nice also.

  I have always had excellent medical treatment with Dr. Gowda, she is accurate and up to date. And I trust her judgement. She's also very enthusiastic and welcoming.

Jerilyn Glassman
  Routine checkup. Follow up with mess ect. Thorough and very efficient. Atmosphere always relaxed and friendly.

Irwin L.
  Came in with a blood pressure problem. Was fit into the schedule. Saw nurse and doctor, had some medicine changes.

  Most efficient and pleasant. I always feel the nurse, staff and Dr. Gowda really care about me as a patient. Dr. Gowda kept me alive after my stroke in 2003

Marion B.
  Dr. Gowda is very thorough . She listens and has a very kind manner. She makes her patients feel very comfortable

  Came for a follow up was greeted pleasantly and on time. Dr. Gouda makes you feel like you are important to her. Staff is easy to talk to and very pleasant when you call. Judy is my favorite ! I love this practice!

  patient care is holistic . Always available whenever I need to be seen. Answers all question. Staff is very understanding and Dr. Gowda is THE BEST!

Loosee Solaqa
  The best doctor . I feel better when I visit her office.. She is the best

Amanda H.
  I came here because I felt like I needed a pcp that understood my issues and that could understand my feelings. my whole family comes to Norwood medical associates so I decided to come as well and after my first visit. I felt like I finally started to make progress with my current issues after 2 years of unhappiness with my health. I got a game plan right away, and treatment that exceeded my expectations. My doctor is a dream and the staff makes me feel comfortable that I can ask or talk about anything that was on my mind. I would recommend Norwood medical associates to a family member friend or coworker who was looking to get better quality health care.

David Kobey
  Things went well to be seen soon

Robert Anderson
  I received a standard physical exam. I was taken on time and was not made to wait while in the exam room. the staff was professional and courteous. Dr. Gowda was pleasant as always while telling me I need to lose weight for the 100th time.

Lauren C.
  Dr. Gowda took the time to go over all of my concerns. She was very helpful and thorough. She exhibits professionalism and compassion with each of her patients. I really enjoyed the office environment! The staff was friendly and the medical assistants were very polite and helpful.

  The staff at Norwood Medical was friendly and courteous. The wait time was less than 10 minutes. Doctor took time to listen my health issues patiently. I am satisfied with the service.

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