I appreciate all Dr. Greendyke has done for me during my knee injury. His entire office is full of kind and wonderful people. My prayers were answered when I was referred to his office. I'm doing so much better and every day I continue to get stronger.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 5/19/2015

My husband and I feel we couldn't have had a more qualified and experienced doctor. We would highly recommend him to anyone who had to have orthopedic surgery. In fact, another neurologist has told me I have carpal tunnel in my left hand and arm, and my husband was told he has a bad rotator cuff that needs repaired on his left shoulder. When we are ready to have these done, we will return to Dr. Greendyke for his advice, and if he feels it is necessary we will ask him to perform the surgeries. We have a lot of faith in Dr. Greendyke, he always makes sure all options are tried before surgery. Dr. Greendyke has a wonderful bed side manner, always a smile and shows concern for your health problems other than just your break. In fact, the evening of my accident (falling off a horse on a Friday evening) I was up in the mountain area, and we called Don's sister in law to come get me and she drove me to Bonner's Ferry Hospital, they took the x-rays, but they said they didn't repair those bad of breaks and called down to Sandpoint, but the orthopedic surgeon there said he could't see me until Monday morning in his office! So I asked them to call Kootenai County Hospital. They talked to Dr. Greendyke, and after hearing about how bad the break was, he told them to bring me to the hospital immediately. When I arrived (approx. 10:00 PM) they had a room ready for me, and Dr. Greendyke operated on me early the next morning. (Saturday) This shows and proves to me, he is a truly outstanding doctor, a true professional, who is willing to give up his weekend time for the sake of the patient. He's an amazing person and a true professional doctor!
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Very good doctor. Kind and understanding.
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Dr. Greendyke's office is absolutely excellent in all areas. Great doctor, easy to work with and a perfect doctor's office experience!
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 5/11/2015

Kathryn Isbell
I especially enjoyed the staff at Dr. Greendyke's office. They are very professional and extremely friendly. I always felt at ease going into the office. Dr. Green duke performed three surgeries for me. I realize my surgeries are different from others, but I came through them with flying colors. I really didn't even need PT as my range of motion was exceptional, but was required to go. I really appreciated Dr.'s easy going manner and his "smile".
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/22/2015

Took our son in to have his knee looked at due to being involved in a motorcycle accident. Everyone was wonderful.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/21/2015

The treatment from start to finish was very good. The wound site has healed very well with little noticeable scaring. My shoulder is well on its way to making a full recovery. Many thanks to Dr. Greendyke and his staff!!
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/15/2015

Nancy Yacovone
Dr. Greendyke and office members were all very helpful and professional. It was one of the most efficient and friendly medical offices I have experienced.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/12/2015

Shoulder surgery and carpal tunnel left arm nerve block on shoulder pre op care was great. Got sick at home from antithesis later that nite also oxicontin made me nauseated stop taken them and have been using ibuprofen since has been managing the pain fine.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/11/2015

Gail Curless
I called Dr. Greendyke'so office and was given an appointment within days. Dr. Greendyke saw me promptly, and was very professional. He is extremely down to earth and practical. He explained my surgery clearly and told me how long I could expect to spend in recovery. His explanations were concise and I did not experience any surprises whe the day of surgery came. I would not consider any other orthopedic surgeon. I am well on the road to complete strength and wellness thanks to Dr. Greendyke.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/11/2015

Linda Toedter
Excellent patient care on every level and by every staff member.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/11/2015

Van B.
Dr. Greendyke and his office staff are the best in this town! Dr. Greendyke did surgery on my knees and one of my shoulders, and he has injected both of my knees. He is very through and has a great personality. I have been a patient of his for almost 5 years. If you are looking for great orthopedic treatment and a down to earth doctor, I would recommend him.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/11/2015

I strongly recommend Dr. Greendyke. He took time to examine my son and explain to him and me all our options. He has a great bedside manner. His office was very nice and accommodating of my sons school schedule. They worked us in quickly and his staff are all very friendly. My son was injured in a weekend soccer tournament and hurt his knee. I called RiversEdge Orthopedics Monday morning and my son was fit into Dr. Greendyke's schedule that afternoon. Dr. Greendyke was certain that my son had a tear to his meniscus but gave us the option of conservative treatment for a week or 2. After one week my son's knee was not getting any better and I called Dr. Greendyke and authorization for his knee MRI was obtained on the spot. This confirmed he had a tear and my son was added to his surgery schedule that week. My son now is 4 weeks out from knee scope and is doing very well. Thank you Dr. Greendyke for taking such great care of my son!
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/11/2015

Kasey Boyle
My husband came to see Dr.Greendyke for his knee issue, within minutes Dr. Greendyke solved the issue mystery and worked on my husband's knee and it's been over six months and my husband has no more knee issues. My husband is a plumber so he is on his knees a lot and he's also a hunter and was able to hike and hunt with no restrictions and his knee is like new again!! Now my son has a knee injury after a game of basket ball. I called and an appt. was made right away . The staff is very friendly and this place is beautiful. Dr. Greendyke has a wonderful sense of humor and listens and is very easy to understand as he took the time to show my son a model of a knee and he explained to my son what is going on. This is a very pleasant environment and I am very satisfied with the success of service. We are very happy that we found Dr. Greendyke. ??
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 3/10/2015

Tiffany E.
Dr. Greendyke re-built my elbow after I fell and shattered it into about 15 pieces. I will have full function after healing from my second surgery to remove the hardware. It is amazing to me that, except for my scar, I would have had crippling effects for the rest of my life. Amanda, his nurse, is awesome-warm and personable. What a great team they are!
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 2/24/2015

As a national health care executive, representing 1,600 member hospitals, I have my choice of high quality physicians to take care of my health care needs. I recently needed arthroscopic surgery on my knee to repair a torn meniscus and was extremely pleased that Rivers Edge Orthopedic has an open access policy. I was seen in consultation by Dr. Greendyke, not a physician’s assistant, the same day I called and moved swiftly through the process and procedure. The services provided by Dr. Greendyke were second to none, as was the quality of service I received from his entire staff. I highly recommend Rivers Edge Orthopedic, and Dr. Spencer Greendyke, to anyone needing high quality orthopedic care.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 2/24/2015

Norbert Deem
This is the second time I have been here for an injury. I returned here on my own referral because of the excellence in care that I received before. The Northwest Specialty Hospital where I had surgery was top-knotch also. I like Dr. Greendyke's office because it is quiet, and I can get in and out fast. I recommend Dr. Greendyke for orthopedic care.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 2/23/2015

We have seen Dr. Greendyke for all of my 3 boys. As soon as we have a bone related injury we call him immediately because he has been able to identify breaks that other doctors have not seen. It is important for me to know when someone in my family has a fracture that it will be properly treated especially in children that are growing and won't be a problem in the future. I am always sure that we are getting the best treatment when we see Dr. Greendyke.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 2/23/2015

I will not go see any other Orthopedic Physician except Dr Greendyke. Dr Greendyke and his team were wonderful before, during, and after every procedure I have had.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 2/20/2015

Daniel S.
The staff are friendly and make my visit comfortable and warm feeling. Go out of their way to work with you. And maintaining professionalism. Would recommend to others. Amanda and Greendyke are great.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 1/20/2015

Amanda and Dr Greendyke are so kind and loving. They seem to really care for their patients. All of my questions before and after my surgery have been answered so that I can understand what is going on. The wait time to see them is great, just in and out. Thank you Dr Greendyke and Staff.
Verified TrueReview® for SPENCER GREENDYKE on 1/13/2015

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